Genre: Drama.

Playwright/Director: Christian St. Croix.

Cast: Hilary Lankford, Dame Noir, Nam Le, Devin Wade, Christian St. Croix

Summary: In a dystopian future where North America is under the rule of a brutal military dictatorship, people found to be homosexual are sent to torturous concentration camps called Strands. There’s said to be freedom and sanctuary in a secret city known as Frisco, but the country widely believes it a fairy tale. Guard soldier, Joah, is captured by a rebel militia team, all claiming to be from the mythical city: leader, Rook, her teenaged sister, Poe, the tortured Sweet, and Sweet’s mute husband, Hush. As they take a short rest in the scorching heat, the team’s bond is tested, secrets are revealed and one of them makes an incredible sacrifice.

Run Dates: June 23 - July 3, 2016.

LocationDiversionary Theatre, San Diego, CA.

AffiliationSan Diego International Fringe Festival.

Dame Noir & Devin Wade .

Dame Noir & Devin Wade.