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Founded in 2016, Boy and Monster is an award-winning theatre arts collaboration between creative director and playwright, Christian St. Croix and a diverse collective of performance artists.

Our aim is to change the landscape of the American theatre by introducing works that place queer Black stories and characters front and center.

From script to stage, we produce one-act and full-length plays using a unique deconstructed, minimalist aesthetic to spotlight performance and encourage imagination.


2019. Monsters of the American Cinema by Christian St. Croix. Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego International Fringe Festival.

2017. Artie Diaz Jackson Discovers America by John Zimmerman. North Park Playwrights Festival, North Park Vauldeville & Candy Shoppe.

2017. Princes by Christian St. Croix. WorldBeat Cultural Center, San Diego International Fringe Festival. Winner of the San Diego International Fringe Festival Award for Outstanding LGBT Performance

2016. The Horses in Central Park by Paul Hufker. North Park Playwrights Festival, North Park Vauldeville & Candy Shoppe.

2016. Frisco by Christian St. Croix. Diversionary Theatre, San Diego International Fringe Festival.